Tugas 1 Tutorial Online Bahasa Inggris Niaga




Untuk TUGAS 1 ini anda akan diberikan pilihan topik untuk membuat sebuah essay dengan panduan sbb:

1. Buatlah essay dengan paling tidak 3 paragaph (1 buah paragraph awal, 1 buah paragraph

isi dan 1 buah paragraph penutup).

2. Tulislah jawaban anda dalam rentang antara 150-200 kata.

3. Jawaban essay diketik dan dikirimkan ke Forum Tugas dalam bentuk Word dalam waktu 2


Pilihlah salah satu topik berikut:

A. Understanding Business Cycle really helps business people to operate his business


Do you agree or disagree to the statement?

B. Government is the most responsible if Capital Flight happens in a country.

Do you agree or disagree to the statement?

C. To be First Mover in a business, you do not have to have market analysis.

Do you agree or disagree to the statement?

Selamat Bekerja.



C. To be the First Mover in business, you don't have to have a market analysis.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Agree !, To become a First Mover in business and also to be a reliable businessman, the main requirement is to be able to do a good and precise market analysis. Many people say that market analysis is an important part of marketing management. By doing a good and precise market analysis, you will be able to better understand the real market situation so that the strategy you take to be the first mover in marketing your business products will run well, so that your business benefits will be obtained.

Market analysis is an activity of analyzing or organizing to study various problems regarding market conditions. This market analysis is an important thing that everyone should know and also forms the basis and foundation for the next marketing strategy. Determination of this target market for First Movers is very important because the company cannot serve all consumers or buyers in the market. There are too many buyers with varied or varied needs and wants, so the company must identify which part of the market it will serve as its target market. Thus, business success will affect how well and precisely market analysis is carried out.

First Movers' Business Success and Advantages are any profit a company accrues for being the first to offer a product or service to the market. First Movers have the opportunity to extract the greatest long-term benefits from product introduction that is the result of the market analysis they have previously conducted.